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BEE@JC Group

We believe that B-BBEE goals and objectives could be used to create a competitive advantage for your company. There is a continuous need for simple and uniquely designed B-BBEE strategies that can be applied and verified. Pivotal to the service we provide, is our vast practical knowledge of B-BBEE legislation, paired with strategic and practical solutions to assist our clients with more than just a B-BBEE plan. BEE@JC Group, a division of JC Group focusses on:

  • B-BBEE strategy,
  • Optimization, Verification and Certification,
  • Optimal financial structuring,
  • Market positioning,
  • Supply Chain Development, and
  • Sound Socio-Economic and Enterprise Development Programs.

We manage the compilation burden of the B-BBEE verification documentation through a comprehensive IT system to ease the internal process.

We design client-specific implementation plans ensuring the best possible scoring during the B-BBEE verification process. We partner with a SANAS accredited independent verification agent to complete the verification process. Within the JC Group business network other B-BBEE support services include:

  • Alternative B-BBEE ownership structures,
  • Directorship internship programs,
  • Establishing new business units,
  • Registration and management of co-operatives,
  • Fund raising for new business ventures,
  • Business and financial plan preparation, and
  • Statutory support.

Our professional team consists of experienced Chartered Accountants and B-BBEE Specialists.